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starts on:
Jun 30, 2019, 04:00 PM
ends on:
Jul 21, 2019, 03:55 PM



Want to put your coding skills to the test, learn something new, and create a project that solves real-life challenges?

If so, this hackathon is for you. Now is your time to shine, showcase your skills and tackle real problems. In Junction's Impact Hackathon, you can choose between three challenges, and create your own solution within the three weeks the challenge is on. Our main partner Rakuten RapidAPI provides the participants free RapidAPI credits. To find out more:

Join our Slack to discuss about the challenges with other participants, find yourself a team, or if you have any questions about the hackathon!

Note: Everyone who submits a project gets a Secret Code that gives an advantage when applying to the Junction 2019 hackathon.

Submission Instructions

To be eligible for the main prize, you need to do the following 3 things:

  1. Submit on Product Hunt
  2. Use 2 Rakuten RapidAPI APIs
  3. Submit on Hacker Earth

1. Submit on Product Hunt

You can post your product here. Create or link an account, and everything following will be very straight-forward. The following info will be mandatory:

  • URL to your website (In case it’s an app, this should be a website presenting the app)
  • Product name
  • Tagline
  • Thumbnail image (We have a ready-made gif for you if you don’t want to create your own)
  • Description
  • All other fields are optional

ALERT! Schedule your product to launch at 25.7. 01:00 PST. Make sure you schedule it correctly, otherwise you might not be eligible for prizes.

2. Rakuten RapidAPI

Choose at least two (any) APIs from here. If you need credits to pay for an API, you can get them by filling this form. If you need help with anything related to APIs, ask on Slack!

3. Hacker Earth

After registering on Hacker Earth, you submit your project on the Impact Hackathon page - junction.hackerearth.com The submission should be straightforward, however, in the description field, submit a link to your Product Hunt post! (A link in the form of something like www.producthunt.com/posts/MY_PROJECT or www.producthunt.com/upcoming/MY_PROJECT)

For more information about why we use Product Hunt, how to make a good post there etc., see the slides from our Webinar. If you want to watch our webinar, here’s the recording!


The hackathon includes the following three challenges. You can participate as a team or by yourself, and after the hackathon begins, you can submit your project throughout July 1-21. The project should be a live running website/webapp/ or service, so that others can interact with it. Details on the submission will be provided as the hackathon begins. For questions, you'll reach us best on Slack!

In order to compete for the main prize, the project must use at least 2 API's from the Rakuten RapidAPI database. Get your free credits here!

Check out these instructions on how to get started with a Rakuten RapidAPI! For some example API's, check out: SendGrid, Kairos Facial Recognition and Microsoft Computer Vision.



According to a 2019 Beijing University study transportation is one of the biggest causes of emissions in the world, 25% of all CO2 emissions, and urban traffic is one of the major contributors. In an increasingly mobile world, the total emissions from travel are ever increasing. One major player in all of this is our workplace. A large portion of the world’s population commutes to wor...

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The world changes in an increasing pace, industries come and go, which means most adults will face the challenge of hopping between multiple careers. People already switch their jobs on average every four years and end up having around 12 jobs during their lifetime. However, our current education system is based on becoming an expert on a single topic. Clearly, in these turbulent time...

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At BlackRock, our goal is to use technology to create better financial futures for our clients. As masses of people are lifted from below the poverty line in the coming decades, we need more tools that help people save money where they can to help towards their personal savings goals and become more aware of their financial status.


There are hundreds of apps out there which he...

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Each submitted project is eligible to compete for the main prize, 5000€.

In addition, a winner will be selected for each of the three challenges: the partner companies will choose their favourite projects from submissions to their challenge.

How are the winners selected?

The projects made by participants will be submitted on Product Hunt, and the project that receives the most upvotes, wins the main prize. In order to be eligible for the main prize, the project should use at least 2 Rakuten RapidAPI API’s. In addition to that, the partner companies of this hackathon use their own criteria to select winners of their challenges.

Main Prizes
Impact Hackathon Winner
EUR 5000

5000€ and guaranteed spots to Junction 2019.

Special Prizes
Sustainability Challenge Winner

The winning team's members get tickets to the world's leading startup event, Slush.

EdTech Challenge Winner

To each member of the team 200€ worth of courses at Udemy.

Finance Challenge Winner

To each member of the team a 200€ Amazon Gift Card.

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